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Company Overview

  1. ChomiX Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leading biotechnology company focusing on the preclinical development of innovative small molecule drugs. With chemoproteomics as the core technology, ChomiX is engaged in the discovery of novel lead compounds and protein targets in living cells.
  2. Officially operated in 2021, ChomiX has established multiple intersecting platforms, including chemical biology, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, molecular and cell biology, etc.


  1. Now ChomiX has been authorized numbers of chemoproteomics related patents and built a laboratory with a variety of advanced instruments.


  1. ChomiX has partnered with many innovative small molecule drug R&D companies, including PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. (SZSE:300725), and hundreds of research institutes. ChomiX is committed to quickly breaking through the barriers of undruggable targets and accelerating the discovery of innovative small molecule drugs.

Leadership Team


Dr. Chen Nan

General Manager of Nanjing ChomiX Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Chen Nan graduated from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Zhengzhou University in 2013, received a PhD in chemical biology from Peking University in 2019, and subsequently engaged in postdoctoral work at Rockefeller University in the United States. Since March 2021, he has co-founded and served as the General Manager of ChomiX.

Dr. Chen Nan has long been committed to using chemical proteomics technology to solve important biological problems, such as the identification of protein post-translational modification sites and the identification of small molecule drug targets in living cells. And he has made some achievements in chemical probe design and synthesis, protein chemical labeling and covalent inhibitor design. He has cooperated with Bayer, Dewpointx and other companies and was responsible for the identification and research of drug molecular targets. So far, more than 10 papers have been published in authoritative international academic journals such as Angew, Chem, Int, Ed, Engl, Chem, and Sci.


Xiaomeng Hou 

Deputy General Manager of Nanjing ChomiX Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hou Xiaomeng graduated from the School of Life Sciences of Shandong University in 2011 and received a master's degree from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014. After working as a lab manager in the group of Professor Wang Chu of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University for two years, she went to work and study in San Diego, USA. In 2017, she joined the UCSD center for epigenomics, served as the lab manager of the single-cell omics platform, participated in the BRAIN Initiative and was responsible for the preparation and analysis of mouse whole brain scATAC seq samples. Hou has participated in the publication of 34 papers in Nature, Nature cell biology, PNAS, JACS, elife and other magazines. 


Biwei Liu


PhD in Chemical Biology from Peking University (Supervisor: Professor Wang Chu);

Specializes in protein chemistry, chemical proteomics technology, etc.

Scientific Consultant Team


Chu Wang 

Professor, Peking University

Chief Scientist

Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, followed by post doctoral work with co-supervisor was Professor Benjamin Cravatt at the Scripps Research Institute, USA and returned to Peking University in 2013 to conduct independent research in the College of Chemical and Molecular Engineering.

Research interests:  Development and application of multi-disciplinary tools in chemoproteomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics and computational structure biology.

Details: https://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/wangchulab/


Zijian Guo 

Academician, Nanjing University

Dr. Guo returned to China in 1999 to work as a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Institute of Coordination Chemistry, Nanjing University. He was the director of the State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry from 2000 to 2009 and dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Nanjing University from 2006 to 2014.

Research interests: Metal-based Antitumor Agents and Artificial Nucleases; Metal-biomolecule Interactions; Fluorescent imaging and phototherapy.

Details: https://sklcc.nju.edu.cn/rygc/yjry/20210111/i185198.html


Peng Chen

Professor, Peking University

Dr. Chen eceived his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 2007, and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute. He joined the  College of Chemical and Molecular Engineering of Peking University in 2009.

Research interests: development and application of bioorthogonal chemical reactions on living systems.

Details: https://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/chenpeng/index.htm


Xing Chen

Professor, Peking University

Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007 and subsequently did postdoctoral work at Harvard Medical School.

and joined the College of Chemical and Molecular Engineering of Peking University for independent work in 2010.

Research interests: glycosylation in protein quality control and immunology.

Details: https://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/xchengrp/


Jin Zhao

Professor, Nanjing University

Dr. Zhao received his PhD from Yale University, USA in 2005, followed by postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Chicago and returned to Nanjing University as a professor in 2008.

Research interests: Bioinorganic chemistry in environmental science; Biomimetic catalysis in energy science; Metal therapeutics inspired by TCM; Synthetic biology.

Details: https://www.zhaojgroup.com/


Jie Li

Professor, Nanjing University

Dr. Li received his PhD from College of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Peking University in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Peng Chen; then worked as postdoctoral fellow  in the laboratories of Prof. Barry Sharpless (Nobel Laureate, Priestley Prize winner) and Prof. Peng Wu at Scripps Research Institute, USA.

He joined the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University in  2018.

Research interest: Mapping the cell interaction profile of the tumor immune microenvironment and developing novel tumor immune macromolecular drugs.


Ran Xie

Professor, Nanjing University

Dr. Xie received PhD degree from the college of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, followed by postdoctoral research at Harvard University in the United States with co-supervisor was Prof. Daniel Kahne, a member of both American academic of Sciences. He joined the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Nanjing University at the end of 2019.

Research interests: Development of novel non-natural glucose metabolism labeling probes; Reconstruction and functional analysis of lipopolysaccharide transporters in Gram-negative bacteria in vitro.

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