Targeted Proteomics Analysis

Proteomics research can be classified into two branches based on whether its focus is specific to a certain class of proteins: targeted proteomics and untargeted proteomics. Targeted proteomics emphasizes precise and in-depth study of pre-defined target proteins, while untargeted proteomics aims to comprehensively detect all proteins in the sample, with the goal of discovering unknown protein types and potential biomarkers, and is therefore often referred to as discovery proteomics. The development of untargeted proteomics predates that of targeted proteomics and is particularly suitable for the initial exploration of biomarkers.

When specific proteins or biomarkers of value are identified in untargeted proteomics research, researchers can further utilize targeted proteomics technology to validate and extensively study these target proteins in a larger sample population. Compared to untargeted proteomics, targeted proteomics demonstrates superior performance in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility, providing more precise and reliable tools for in-depth proteomics research.

Technical Platform

We provide targeted and untargeted proteomics analysis services based on mass spectrometry technology, aiming to offer comprehensive and in-depth support for protein research to our clients.

In the realm of untargeted proteomics, Chomix offers various methods, including label-free quantification proteomics, SILAC-based quantification proteomics, and TMT/IBT-based quantification proteomics, all dedicated to systematically revealing and quantifying as many protein components as possible in the sample.

In the realm of targeted proteomics, Chomix utilizes parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) as a core technology. PRM can sensitively detect low-abundance peptide fragments, effectively eliminate background protein interference, and achieve high-precision quantification, thereby efficiently validating and confirming the biologically differential proteins revealed by untargeted proteomics.


Compared to traditional targeted protein quantification methods like Western blot, targeted proteomics approaches do not require the development of antibodies and can simultaneously detect multiple proteins, with the option for absolute quantification when necessary.

Our Advantages

1. Professional Excellence: Our team boasts extensive experience and publications in top journals, offering industry-leading technical services.

2. Efficient Solutions: We employ reliable methods to drive projects forward swiftly, providing worry-free solutions.

3. Rigorous Quality Management: Adhering to ISO 9001 standards, our mature quality management system ensures the authenticity and reliability of our reports.

4. Systematic Project Management: From consultation to report delivery, we provide timely progress updates, ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient project execution.

5. Cutting-Edge Equipment: Equipped with advanced mass spectrometers like the Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Exploris 480 and Bruker timsTOF, we facilitate groundbreaking research.

Our Service

Project Targeted/Untargeted Quantitative Proteomics Analysis Set
Sample Tissue, Cell pellets, Lysates
Hardware Platform VanquishNeo UPLC coupled with Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
EASY-nLC1200 UPLC coupled with Q Exactive HF-X mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Project Duration 4 weeks
Deliverables Project report (including qualitative/quantitative protein data tables, bioinformatics analysis, quality control analysis, etc.)
Price Click to consult

Case Study

To delve deeper into the binding sites of certain target proteins in cell samples treated with the drug compared to the control group, in order to reveal the molecular mechanisms related to the drug phenotype, we employed a targeted quantitative proteomics approach based on PRM (Parallel Reaction Monitoring) technology. Each group was processed with two biological replicates, allowing for precise identification and quantitative analysis of differential binding sites.


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