Target Discovery Platform: Unraveling the Mechanisms of Natural Product

Platform Profile

The active ingredient within Chinese medicine is a series of compounds that have therapeutic or physiological activities. Chinese medicines are rich in variety, complex in composition, and have a wide range of active ingredients, constituting an important avenue for acquiring active ingredients, lead compounds, and making medicines.

Our chemoproteomics platform excels in discovering protein targets for natural products in Chinese medicine. It ingeniously transforms these natural products into multifunctional chemical probes, mirroring their bioactivities. These probes, when applied within live cells or diseased tissues, can directly capture natural product-binding proteins. With the aid of bio-orthogonal coupling reactions, we precisely isolate and enrich these target proteins. Utilizing high resolution mass spectrometry, we achieve pinpoint accuracy down to the binding pockets. It equips us with more comprehensive and accurate information, poised to unveil the intricate mechanism underlying the active ingredients in Chinese medicine.


Platform Advantages


Platform Applications

• Alkaloid                                        • Flavone                                       • Chalcone                           • Triterpene                                    • Diterpene               

 Xanthone                                     • Lignan                                         • Coumarin                         • Phenylpropanoid                      • Iridoid

• Other Phenols                            •  Sesquiterpenes                        Steroids                             • Other Terpenes                           Anthraquinone               

• Other Quinonoid                       • Other Natural Products......

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