"2023 SAPA-China Annual Meeting —— Opportunities and Challenges for the development of biomedical industry" has concluded perfectly in Shishan International Conference Center of Suzhou High-tech Zone.

The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Profes-sionals Association (SAPA) is the most active and largest Chinese-oriented biomedical professional organization in North America, which has played a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the global pharmaceutical industry. In this annual meeting, the authoritative academician, experts and industry leaders gathered together to further promote technical exchanges, industry-university-research integration, investment and financing cooperation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Chen Nan, CEO of ChomiX Biotech Co. Ltd, was invited to attend the annual meeting and give a report about "Application of Chemical Proteomics Technology in Covalent Drug Discovery" at the "Small molecule Drug Development Forum".


Mentioned in the report based on chemical proteomics technology of covalent drug screening platform, can break the technology barriers of protein purification, protein inactivation, off-target in the small molecule drug development. Besides, this technology can screen the drugs of multiple systems in the physiological state, including tumor cells, pathological tissue, bacteria, plant tissue, etc., greatly expand the target of disease treatment space.

Dr. Chen also shared the application of ChomiX covalent drug screening platform in the development of protein-degrading drugs. With chemical proteomics techniques as the core, the covalent drug screening platform can avoid the dilemma of protein purification, and is especially suitable for challenging and undruggable new targets. Through chemical proteomics technology, researchers can screen and verify possible drug targets more accurately, providing valuable clues and directions for drug development.

About ChomiX

As a leading biotechnology company, ChomiX Biotech Co., Ltd is dedicated to advancing the preclinical development of innovative small molecule drugs. At the heart of our mission lies chemoproteomics, our core technology, which empowers us to rapidly break through the barriers of undruggable targets and accelerate the discovery of innovative small molecule drugs.

Founded in 2021, ChomiX has established multiple intersecting platforms spanning chemical biology, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, molecular and cell biology, etc. These multidisciplinary platforms provide a versatile suite of applications that advance drug discovery, from addressing undruggable targets to unraveling novel mechanisms behind known drugs. Our commitment to innovation also shines through a portfolio of chemoproteomics-related patents and a state-of-art laboratory equipped with a variety of cutting-edge instruments.

Post time: Nov-22-2023