Our Culture

Corporate Culture

ChomiX will always guide the development of enterprise with a spirit of pragmatism, rigor and the pursuit of excellence in scientific research. We adhere to the principles of "talent first, technology priority, customer supermacy". With advanced technology, we aim to solve problems and create value for our customers. Only by staying grounded can we reach for the stars. ChomiX will continue to develop core technologies, strive to maintain a leading position in the field, and pioneer the industry development.


Uncovering disease targets and forging paths to healing.


Promote the application of chemistry-biology  interdisciplinary technology in drug research and development, drive the development of China's innovative pharmaceutical industry, and contribute to human well-being.

Core Values

Commitment to Innovation, pragmatism and rigor, integrity and responsibility, win-win cooperation.

Our Services

With chemoproteomics as the core technology, ChomiX is engaged in the discovery of novel lead compounds and protein targets in living cells.

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Our Products

  • Azide Coated Magnetic Beads
  • Protease-resistant Streptavidin (prSA) Coated Magnetic Beads
  • Streptavidin (SA) Coated Magnetic Beads
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  • Tel:86-025-86608859

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